Sunday Morning in the South End

I love rainy Sunday mornings. I love sunny Sundays as well but their is just something so cozy and romantic about sleeping in late when you have no where to be and you can smell the summer rain outside.

This Sunday morning my husband, Alex, and I went to brunch in Boston’s South End. Though we had planned on The Buttery, we ended up at Metropolis Cafe. It was such a quaint, chic, little place with gorgeous high, tin ceilings and a marble counter top. It also had three of my favorite things: smoked salmon eggs benedict, Earl Grey tea and mimosas. The food and drinks were delicious, the service was wonderful and the atmosphere was so relaxing for this last day of July.

Afterwards, we returned to The Buttery to pick up some coffee  and pastries to go and took a short walk around the neighborhood. It was really an ideal way to spend the morning.

Little did I know, brunch also served as an excuse for my husband to get me out of the house. When we returned to our home right off the lake in a little town outside of Boston, I was greeted by a few dozen of my closest friends and family who had gathered in the rain to celebrate my upcoming birthday! After I got a big hug from everyone, we took the party inside for cake and presents. It is on days like this that I count my lucky stars for all that I have.

It is that gratitude that encouraged me to return to my blog, Fashionably Kate, and to recommit to sharing my favorite travels, sartorial finds and delicious delights. I’ll also focus on fitness and nutrition, current events and maybe post a few pictures of my adorable cats.

So check back for more on, and let me know what you’d like to see.

À bientôt!





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