Just a few kind words . . .

Sometimes I think we all forget the importance of just a few kind words.  But I was reminded of that today.

“Every day is a new beginning.”
© Fashionably Kate

I have always wrestled with my weight. I think it stems from my French heritage. I just cannot say no to a good pastry or piece of bread or wedge of cheese. Just in the past eight months I have stepped up my game and I  like to think I have control over my eating habits. I still eat whatever I want to, I just do it in moderation, like a real French woman.

To keep myself in check, I weigh myself every morning. Many say that isn’t healthy. And in a way, I agree  because it can seem obsessive. But for me, it is to keep myself in check. It’s the reminder that I need to keep practicing moderation.

But with my birthday just a day away, there has been a lot of celebrating, starting with the wonderful surprise party my family threw me on Sunday. I still practiced moderation (one of my mother-in-law’s peanut butter blondies instead of three, one of my Nunny’s brownies instead of four, a small piece of cake instead of an entire corner). And though I don’t regret all that good food, you can imagine that I haven’t been too pleased with what I’ve been seeing on the scale since then. And with my upcoming trip to Paris and Amsterdam, where I’ve vowed to indulge (moderately) in macarons, baguettes and buttery croissants, I was getting a little nervous that some of my progress was about to be undone.

So I headed to my morning class at The Bar Method, determined to work harder than ever. It was an awesome class taught by one of my favorite instructors and friend, Lindsay. She always kicks my tuckus. As a Bar Method instructor myself, I am encouraged to set a good example for the students. But I’ve always felt a little like the short, stubby kid in the class surrounded by gorgeous, tall, lithe bodies. One of these genetically blessed clients stopped me as I was heading out of the studio this morning.

You look amazing. Have you been trying to lose weight?

Yes, I said and then I laughed, after all, with people like you in my class I have to step it up!

Well it really shows, she replied, you really look great.

Now, I am someone that believes you are much more than how you dress, look, spend on clothes, etc. After all, in the end, our looks fade but our soul remains. But today, I really needed that little boost of self-confidence.

As I got in my car, I got a text from Shine. It’s this amazing service that sends you positive messages and memes to get you going in the morning. If you aren’t already signed up, I highly suggest it. This morning’s inspirational quote was from T.S. Eliot:


To follow it up, I got another Shine text:

“Consistency can be the bees knees, but can also hold us back from big growth. Whatever problem you’ve been tackling the same ‘ole way lately – take a chance and shake things up today.”

At the moment I am going through a lot of changes in my life and I’ve definitely been afraid of stepping away from that consistency and stability that I’ve been used to. It’s like the people at Shine knew what I’ve been worrying about. Between the compliment I received this morning at barre and Shine‘s advice, I entered my day ready to tackle anything, including that last piece of birthday cake in my refrigerator.


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