Chateau de Versailles

Two weeks ago I shared the benefits of the Paris Museum Pass. For half the price my husband and I were able to visit all the major museums of Paris, as well as a few smaller attractions. One of those major sites was Chateau de Versailles. If you have the time I would put this on your must-do list.

outside versailles

Since the palace is not in Paris you must travel by train out of the city. It takes about 45 minutes depending on where you are traveling from. Between the trip there and back, waiting in line for an hour (even with our museum passes) and enjoying the palace and it’s gorgeous gardens, it took up half a day. And it was well worth it. Here are a few tips for your trip to Chateau de Versailles:

  • Make sure to have purchased your tickets, or the museum pass, prior to your visit to save yourself some time.
  • Head out as early as you can to avoid long lines. Be prepared to wait anyways.
  • Wear comfy shoes! There’s a lot of walking to be done.
  • Make sure to visit on a nice day. Half the attraction is taking a stroll in the palace gardens. Save the other museums for those inevitable rainy days.
  • If it’s a musical garden day, which happens during the summer on Tuesdays and Fridays, it will cost you an extra $8 in addition to your ticket or the museum pass if you want to explore the gardens. It’s worth it.
  • If you brought a lunch or you plan on having lunch at Versailles, there are cafes throughout the garden as well as a few spots for picnicking. Have your bread, cheese and wine underneath the canopy of trees older than the United States. There is also a Lauduree Shop at the palace so you can pick out a few delicious macaroons for your dessert.
  • Much of the general Paris and Museum souvenirs can be found at the gift shops in other museums in the city so if you don’t want to carry a ton back on the train, focus your souvenir shopping expressly on Versailles items.
  • Be aware of the times for trains returning to Paris. There is nothing worse than showing up at the station righ after the train has departed and having to wait an hour for the next one.
  • Take a picture of yourself in the Hall of Mirrors and title it “Self Portrait.”
Self Portrait

À bientôt!


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