Sunday Funday

Last Sunday my Mom took my sister, her boyfriend, my husband and me to Canobie Lake, a small amusement park in Salem, N.H. It was a nice end to a wonderful, yet busy, summer. And I always love what my mom calls our “Family Fun Days.”

The family, with the exception of my mom who is taking this photo

Though we’ve “outgrown” many of the rides and attractions, we still have a few favorites. It’s actually become more fun as we’ve gotten older because we can enjoy our time together instead of merely rushing from line to line, hurrying to get everything in.

One thing that remains the same: my husband and sister’s bumper car smack down. It’s been going on for at least six years. And though it gets just a bit more embarrassing every year that amongst a sea of eight and ten year olds, my husband and adult sister are the only ones yelling out insults as they slam their cars into each other, I would never want them to stop this wonderful tradition.

My sister and her boyfriend post-attack

Other than that we make sure to hit the antique cars, the Yankee Canonball roller coaster, the Haunted Mine, the Gondola, the Ferris Wheel and the Carousel.

After our pizza lunch we always indulge in some ice cream, fudge and dippin’ dots. It wouldn’t be a day at Canobie Lake without some good ol’ fashioned junk food!

Wearing my Harlem Globetrotters vintage sweatshirt that is most likely older than me.

Though I am certainly not counting down the days to winter, I am looking forward to next year’s trip to Canobie Lake!


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