Sunday Funday: Salem at Halloween

Last week my mom and I headed to Salem for a little Halloween fun. She treated to lunch at Adriatic Restaurant & Bar. Despite growing up right next door to Salem in the actual place where the Witch Trials of 1692 took place, I’d never been to Adriatic and it was very good. We had a mushroom flatbread and zucchini blossoms and they were both excellent.

Even though it was only the middle of October, people were already in costume, embracing the holiday.

And you can’t go to Salem without checking out one of the many magick boutiques. Wynott’s Wands  is a newer addition to these unique and spooky gift shops. And Evercrumbly and Witch (say it fast and you’ll get it) came to town and posted a great gift stand full of gorgeous, elaborate witch hats.

We also hit my favorite candy store, Turtle Alley. It’s the only place I know that sells spicy peanut butter cups – an amazing idea. And I bought a few items from Modern Millie’s consignment shop.

And we visited the Stickwork exhibit. Though it looks very bewitching, the installation has actually been up in Salem since May. It is amazing to see the large forms looming from afar, but even more impressive when you get up close. I can’t even imagine how they were made.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!



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