Fitness for Free

Today I cheated on yoga. I had other plans scheduled during Awake’s only class time so unfortunately, I had to look elsewhere for my endorphin fix.

The group after Sue (in front in the purple tank) kicked out butts.

Lucky for me, my local Athleta store had a free barre mat class this morning. All I had to do was show up with my yoga mat and sign a waiver – that’s a good deal in my book. The instructor, Sue, created a great class that was doable and challenging for students of all ages and fitness levels.

We did a series of exercises, three times each, to tone the glutes, down the backs of the legs, all around the thighs, the biceps and triceps, the core and the abs. Even though the class was only 40 minutes, I know I will wake up sore in the morning!

And all we used to work out was a yoga mat and body weight. So simple, yet so effective. And again, this class was free!

Which brings me to my point today: hunting for deals. I live in a gorgeous area, with a beautiful lake. On nice days people come from miles around to enjoy the outdoors as they get in their cardio. But it’s been so cold and wet lately in the northeast so it hasn’t been a great time to enjoy the elements. But it doesn’t mean we have to spend big bucks to go to a studio for our

If you’re looking to try out new exercises or just get in a few different classes, check your local Athleta or Lululemon store. A few times a month they might host free classes usually featuring a local fitness business. I’ve done barre and yoga classes inside the stores before they open for the day.

You can also use the Mind & Body app to find deals local to you. That’s how I found the $30 for 30 days of yoga at Awake. Discount sites such as Gilt City and Groupon also have great deals. And many studios offer first classes for free. So if you find a studio you’re interested in, check out their first-timers policy. In my town, we have a great spin studio, Sweat. I only tried it because the first class was free but I’ve been back several times since because I got hooked. And with the amount of boutique studios popping up all around, there are an endless amount of deals you can take advantage of.

And if you fall in love with a certain exercise or studio – you’ve found your niche. If not, you’ve taken a ton of great classes with little financial investment.


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