Adventure Awaits

I’ve been trying to change my perspective on things like fear, uncertainty and lack of control during this new journey that I have undertaken. Part of that has been looking for signs of some sort that I may not have recognized before. Maybe it’s just that I didn’t have the time to recognize them or I’ve been too caught up in everything to realize I was being sent a message.

A few of those signs have come during yoga classes that I’ve taken from a specific instructor at Awake the Studio. As I spoke about when I first shared my new challenge last week, Alexis likes to end her classes with an oracle card. The first time I got Surrender. At that point in my journey it was the perfect message to receive from up above. Today I found the Adventure card at the end of my mat after savasana.

book 1

Not only did my spiritual awakening, where I figured out what I want most in life, happen in Paris, I also have a tattoo of four butterflies on my arm. Sure, it could all be called coincidence, but I don’t truly believe in coincidence. I believe that we make our own destiny, but we still have a destiny.

So even though I am at a crossroads in my life and my career, to me it’s obvious that everything is meant to be. And instead of fearing the unknown, I should be embracing the adventure I’ve been presented with. And once I’ve made it over this hurdle, I will be ready for more adventure – like returning to Europe, or maybe we’ll go to Hawaii or we’ll finally take that trip to Thailand I’ve been wanting to plan.

All I know is that life is full of adventure but we so often confuse it with something we need to be afraid of. When what we really should be doing is diving in headfirst. After all, adventure awaits …


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