Take the Challenge Option

As a former barre instructor, I know all about encouraging students to “take the challenge option.” It’s about taking a difficult position to that next level. It often results in more sweating, burning and muscle fatigue, but their is something so satisfying about taking that challenge and discovering what you can do.

Challenge 3

Today I had another private yoga session with Kristen at Awake The Studio. We’ve worked a few times together one-on-one and today, once she saw how far I’ve progressed, she decided to amp things up. We’re talking a few different types of arm binds, mermaid pose, flipping the dog (sorry if I’m getting too yoga-technical) and some other challenging positions and transitions. Each time she gave me the option to have a go at each challenge, and every time I took it. After all, I can always step out of it, I can always come back to child’s pose.

Woman practicing yoga on the beach

But I wanted to test myself. I wanted to challenge myself. And every time I was able to do something successfully, it was a little victory in my book. And when I couldn’t, I made a note to keep on working on it. No judging or chastising myself.

Just like taking that arm bind in yoga, or sinking down a little lower in your barre class’s thigh work, you can always come up, or unwind and come out of it.

In life, give a little more … open your heart and your mind. If putting yourself out there doesn’t work out as you’d hoped, you can always go back to your safe space. But give it a try …. you might just surprise yourself.


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