Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes

In my family, we’re taught to celebrate each day as if it were your last. Which is why we celebrate each holiday, each achievement and birthdays big time – yes, even pet birthdays.

single cupcake

The other day was Stardust’s 1st birthday. She is my sister’s cat and was abused before my sister and her boyfriend took her in to give her a good forever home. Because she was abused, she is very skittish around people, even her mom and dad. So we’ve all been trying to gently make ourselves known to her so that eventually she will feel comfortable around us.

To celebrate her big day, and maybe expel a little creative energy, I made some birthday cupcakes. I found this great idea from Tastemade: Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes.  Make sure you check out the video tutorial for these little guys. Otherwise, they won’t look nearly as whimsical.

I did go by the recipe for the cupcakes, but you can also cheat by getting a white cake mix.

You can also do any colors you prefer to use. I did pink, blue, green, yellow and purple cake, and then only pink, blue and purple frosting and I was pleased with how it came out.

cupcakes 2

For the ears, I used pink mini marshmallows. Instead of dipping the inside of the “ear” in pink sugar, I used edible glitter.

Just a few tips that they don’t address in the instructions: you’ll only need a small amount of black frosting. I would take a dollop of frosting, add the food coloring and do the eyes on the cupcakes after you’ve done the base white frosting. That way if you need more, you can add to it. Then once you’re done with the eyes, divide the remaining frosting up among your colors.

birthday girl
The birthday girl with her cake.

That night we celebrated Stardust’s birthday not thinking we would see the birthday girl. But about 20 minutes into our visit, she made her way down the stairs. So I slowly slid a cupcake in front of her, the candle unlit because it would scare her away, and was able to capture a few rare pictures of her.

I’d like to think it was because she was admiring my handiwork, but I have a feeling it was because her parents were bribing her with delicious cat treats.



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