Someday I’ll get to Coachella … A Story of Self-Acceptance.

It’s that wonderful time of year: all sorts of beautiful, rich, famous people invading your instagram feed, dressed in culturally misappropriated outfits, smoking weed and bobbing their heads to the latest one-hit-wonder. You guessed it – it’s Coachella time!

If I sound sarcastic it’s only because I’ve never had the pleasure of attending the weekend event in Indio, California. And, let’s face it, unless you are a celebrity, your Coachella shelf life is very short. After a certain point, you start to look even more ridiculous in that Native American headdress, short shorts and crop top paired with all that body paint.

nicole richie
Nicole Richie at the House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve Brunch at Coachella.

At least, I did believe that … until I saw Nicole Richie at a party at this year’s Coachella.

Yes, she is a celebrity. But at 35-years-old, this mom of two looks sleek and chic in a black House of Harlow maxi dress and comfy sandals, while looking festival-ready with her round House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses and a wicker bag.

I would definitely wear this look to a music festival. But you’re bound to get some serious sun out in the dessert so I’d add a large brimmed hat. And for the chillier nights, I’d throw a leather moto jacket over my shoulders. Also, with healing stones like rose quartz having such a big moment, a simple pendant necklace would be a beautiful finishing touch to this mature, yet edgy look.

Nicole Richie: Coachella Edition

This might seem like a take off from what I’ve been focusing on lately on, so let me explain why this whole subject came up and maybe you’ll see where I’m going with this.

Part of my recent self-awareness journey has been centered around dispelling stereotypes that I had no idea I had been holding on to. I love my rose gold hair, but there are days I feel like I might be too old for it. I love my piercings, but there are other days I feel maybe I’ve grown out of them.

But then I look at the look I’ve curated for myself: sure, I’m pierced and tattooed, and I have a light pink bob, but I pair it with classic jeans and a tee shirt on my off days, and pencil skirts and button downs when I have an event. Or I wear a sharp little black dress. So instead of taking out my nose ring, or dying my hair all over blonde, I adapt the way I dress so that I enter a room, not my look.

Kristen Batemen of Refinery29 wrote about why she will never dye her hair a normal color, and it’s basically my exact thoughts on why life is too short to be boring with your look:

“At the end of the day, I always tell myself that I dye my hair for me and no one else. To me, it’s an accessory worn every single day — one that can always be changed. I’ve always thought there’s some fun in playing with stereotypes, too. Having pink and blue hair while carrying a Chanel bag or wearing beautifully made clothes as opposed to the Hot Topic band tees and neon bracelets associated with bright hair colors sometimes confuses or surprises people. They’re not sure what to think. And I like that.” – Kristen Batemen

So for now, I’m keeping my pink hair and my nose ring firmly in my nostril. As for what I’ll look like in a decade? I’ll worry about that in a decade. And hopefully by then I’ll have had my Coachella weekend.


2 thoughts on “Someday I’ll get to Coachella … A Story of Self-Acceptance.

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    1. Not true Abbey! Look at Nicole Richie who has had pink, blue and purple while mothering two children. And also there is a yogi named Charity Grace Leblanc who looks like a veritable mermaid (seriously, look her up) while playing with her two children. And just think – the more you do, the less your kids will have to rebel against someday! That’s how I plan to justify it once I decide to bring little ones into the world. You can always try it out and if you don’t like it, dye it back. But if you do try it, prepare for lots of compliments! ❤️

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