Warding off the Holiday Blues

I love holidays. Any day that gives you the excuse to get together with some of your favorite people, wear your best and eat all you can manage is okay in my book.

Since getting married it’s like the holidays have tripled. I grew up right down the street from my husband so we are lucky we don’t have far to travel to get everybody in. We have breakfast with my mom, sister and her boyfriend at our house, and then head to our hometown for an early lunch with my Nunny, and then a later serving with my husband’s family.  On Christmas, we add in a second breakfast with my in-laws. So we get to see a lot of family and eat even more delicious food.

But at the end of the day, I always get a little blue. It’s great when everything goes off without a hitch, but that feeling of the day being over after anticipating it for so long can be a bit of a letdown. For me, I try to remember how lucky I am to have a family to celebrate holidays with because I know that isn’t the case for everyone. So holding onto that thought of gratitude helps me to stay positive.

Anyone else feel that way? What do you do to help your holiday blues? I’d love to hear from you so please – share your thoughts in the comments below.

And Happy Easter and Passover to all!



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