Just getting started …

Yesterday marked the completion of my 30 day yoga journey. And though I expected some kind of huge revelation to occur, that I’d suddenly have a perfect downward dog and be able to do all these complicated balances, my biggest realization is that I am just getting started.

But that extends beyond yoga. I thought that as you grow up, more and more things are set in stone. But I’ve recently been reminded that things can change with the drop of a hat. And as long as I still have the people who are important to me, that’s okay. In fact, it can end up bringing on exciting, new adventures. And I think that’s another thing that I’ve learned.


As a society, we’ve been led to believe that not knowing can seem like such a scary, bad thing. But sometimes that not knowing, that insecurity can be exactly what we need. It forces us to step out of our comfort zone and put ourselves out there into the world. It forces us to make connections we may have never looked for. The safety we once craved, can now seem limiting, suffocating.

And so yes, my downward dog has improved. And I finally have a very shaky birds of paradise pose.  And I’m going to continue to work on my yoga practice. But what’s most important is that my sense of adventure is returning. And though I’m taking it slow, it’s okay – because I’m just getting started.


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