Counting my Blessings

I consider myself a spiritual person more than a religious person. I believe that we create our own fate but that everything happens for a reason. Well yesterday, someone was smiling down on me.

My mom and I were on our way to have lunch and get a tour of my sister’s new work digs. She has this super impressive job and she wanted us to come out and see what she has been working on.

So we were jetting down the highway when all of a sudden we felt something hit my car. I looked to my right and saw the Mack truck I had been trying to pass. My first thought – “Well, it obviously didn’t hit me but something must have fallen off that huge truck and landed on us.”

So I made my way over to the breakdown lane and the truck followed behind, both of us pulling over. I got out and saw a clump of scratches on my passenger side door and window. Nothing at all bad, but whatever did hit us, it hit us hard.


Finally we met up with the driver of the truck who explained what had happened: one of his inside tires had blown and shreds of it had scraped my car. I took a quick look at the truck and the deck had been bowed up – a sure effect of the exploding rubber.

I was a bit shaken up but because of how little damage it did to my car, I didn’t take the whole situation too seriously as we exchanged information.

That was until the truck driver, who was incredibly kind and caring, started talking about what could have happened. It could have been one of his outside tires, which would have made the impact much more serious and might have even caused him to lose control or tip over. Also, if my mother’s window had been open, she would have been hit in the face by some of the shreds that had dented the window.

There are so many other things that could have happened. But they didn’t. We were lucky, but we also had safety on our side. Here are just a few tips about highway driving that you might not think of, but saved us from further damage.

  1. I love to drive with my windows down on beautiful days. But I try to never do that on the highways because of the noise. Those closed windows helped save my mom from serious injury. So when you’re in a high speed area, keep your windows up.
  2. Keep your cool and be aware of all vehicles around you. I try to get by trucks as fast as possible. But if I hadn’t known what was driving next to me, a huge Mack truck, I would have thought I had been hit by another car and that would have upset me much more in the moment.
  3. Always know where your license and registration are – self-explanatory.
  4. Keep a pen in your car to copy down information and take pictures of the damage done right away.
  5. Your first question to the other driver, “Are you okay?” It just starts off what is sure to be an unpleasant situation on a more positive note. And when it comes down to it, that really is the most important thing.



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