A Clean Slate

The rain has continued to come down in New England and instead of the usual 60s and 70s that we get in early June, we’ve been dealing with drizzly 50 and low 60 degree days. And since that’s been an almost consistent trend for more than two weeks, one can only do so much binge-watching (I know, who knew their was a limit? But I’ve hit it.)

So in looking for something else to do with my time, I realized that this Saturday is the day we had set over a month ago for a yard sale. And that means time to clean out the junk!

When we moved in together (five years ago this Saturday – time flies!) we had done it in a bit of a flurry. Most of my clothes and things were stuffed in boxes and bags and dumped either in the attic or the basement. And whatever I didn’t immediately need was left there. So I’m talking years of stuff that has just piled up and sometimes I had no idea what I was looking through.

Some of the things that seemed so important back then ended up in the yard sale pile. Others brought back some amazing memories. But what I’m most proud of is that I am getting rid of more than I am keeping. And it is such an amazing feeling!

I come from a family of pack rats – and I say that lovingly. But there is something so satisfying about walking up into my attic and seeing a lot less stuff and knowing that it is all organized. It makes me feel like an adult!

Saturday promises to be a nice day so fingers crossed everything goes – because if it doesn’t, it’s all getting donated or going in the trash!

So now that I’ve taken this first step in reclaiming my home, what are your favorite tricks for cleaning out and cleaning up?


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