Combating Those Bad Day Blues

As I shared earlier this week, I’ve been doing a ton of cleaning out for our upcoming yard sale. But I’ve kind of hit a stopping point …

You know those days when you just feel like you have bad energy running through you? Those days when you know you have a list of things to do but nothing has to necessarily be done right this moment so you wander aimlessly around the house or worse, sit on the couch flipping through the channels? I attribute some of this lack of productivity to my ADHD, but I know we’ve all had days like that and today was my day.

I couldn’t motivate myself to do ANYTHING. Finally, after inhaling my third Trader Joe’s Matcha Joe Joe cookie (they are delicious!), I pushed myself to sign up for a class at Studio Poise, a local fitness studio that I’ve been frequenting lately. And once I pushed that “BOOK CLASS” button, I sealed the deal. If I didn’t show up, I’d be charged $10 for missing the class. And though that’s not going to break the bank, that’s two Ombre Pink Drinks at Starbucks … or my monthly donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. You get the idea.

So when 4:45 rolled around I found myself in my yoga pants and barre socks – ready for an express barre class. And I don’t know if it was our instructor’s energy or the endorphins and dopamine being released in my brain as I sunk down further and further in thigh work, but I left the studio feeling lighter, happier and that negative energy was gone.

They say the next best thing to medicine for ADHD is exercise, but sometimes it can be hard to work up the motivation to get that butt off the couch and into the studio. But doesn’t that go for everyone?

So what are your tips for motivating yourself to get things done? To go work out? Or just to be an overall productive member of society on days you are just not feeling it? Please share with me know in the comments!


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