Monday Motivation: A Bathroom Oasis

This week’s Monday Motivation is a bit different because I am already feeling motivated.

We got a ton of stuff out of the house following our Yard Sale Extravaganza on Saturday. And that has me inspired to get back to work on the house. On the whole, the actual living area of our home is pretty complete. But we have this one ugly, unfinished, tiny bathroom off our kitchen that our guests are forced to use when we have any kind of get together.

What I wouldn’t give to take some cues from these gorgeous bathrooms to put together our own small oasis for our family and friends!



As you can see, I’m up in the air about the esthetic and overall feel of the room. I am a huge fan of metallics. I also love the industrial look but can lean towards the exotic of whimsical. So much inspiration – and I want to get this just right!

I know many people don’t put so much care into the look and feel of their bathroom. They treat it as a very utilitarian part of the home. But much of our daily routine revolves around the bathroom. Shouldn’t it be beautiful and comfortable?

So any tips for bathroom remodeling to share? Please leave them in the comments!


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