The Color of Summer

Every season I tend to adopt a manicure color that becomes kind of my “theme.” In fall I turn to a dark, almost black plum like OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark.” In winter I lean towards shimmering metallics and a deep, rich red like Nars’ “Chinatown.” And then in spring I turn to a robin’s egg blue. Last year’s release of OPI’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection gave me my new favorite spring polish, “I Believe in Manicures.”

pink hair jacket

But my summer color changes each year. I’ve had summers that revolve around bright orange. Others I stick to a brilliant or pearl white. And then sometimes I’m feeling a gorgeous turquoise.

This year I’ve officially gone pink. It actually started when I died my hair a blonde to pink ombre. That pink has turned into more of a soft rose gold and I have never loved my hair color more. So when Chanel came out with it’s latest limited edition polishes and I spotted “Tulle,” a gorgeous peachy pink, I knew I had found my summer color. And everything seemed to fall into place!

Not only is pink still the hot hue, it’s perfect for summer because it seems to be all around. Pink flowers and flamingos in my garden, my pink pineapple glass from Sur le Table, in every sunset over the lake that I enjoy from our deck. And who can forget how delicious and refreshing a glass of rosé is on a hot summer night? My DIY marble table is covered in rose gold and pink. And the beautiful pink peonies on my kitchen counter brighten each and every day. I just can’t escape that rose gold, peachy punch!

Do you adopt a kind of theme color or pattern for summer? What are you loving right now?


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