My Favorite Ways to De-Stress

I don’t know about you, but as soon as summer hits, my calendar fills up. There are only so many nice weekends in New England. And by the end of June I have something going on during every one of them.

I’m not complaining. After all, I’m talking about weekends away, garden parties, Fourth of July events, concerts, visiting relatives and friends in gorgeous locations like Cape Cod or in the New Hampshire mountains, and beach plans.

But with all this play time on top of work, my summer doesn’t necessarily leave much room for rest and relaxation. So here are a few simple ways that help me to de-stress. And the best thing about these exercises is they can be done almost anywhere; either in the car during your summer road trip, lying on the beach or by the pool with a tropical drink in hand, or in the middle of that rooftop party.

This summer, where will your feet take you_

So what do you have planned for summer? Do you have any ways that you get rid of summer stress? Please leave them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Ways to De-Stress

Add yours

  1. I have found that concentrating on my breathing helps me quite a bit. I have an app on my apple watch that reminds me a few times a day to relax and focus on my breathing and I love it. I agree with stretching too!

    1. I use my fitbit’s alert to get up and move to remind me to take a few moments to breathe. It is so helpful. But I am dying for an apple watch. Especially the rose gold one! Thanks for stopping by!

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