When the pressure is off …

I got some great news yesterday. And though I’ll reveal more about that in the weeks to come, I want to focus on the emotional process I went through after I got the call.

First, I felt relief … elation. After I hung up I was literally jumping for joy. My husband and a hundred strangers on that street in Boston probably thought I was crazy. I had more energy after that call than I have had in months.

But the minute I got home, I collapsed on the couch, exhausted. You know how you feel after a big event is over? You just deflate. I could have slept for hours. I didn’t – because we had some celebrating to do.

And then a few hours later, I felt something else that I am very familiar with – nervousness. Was I making the right decision? Had I made the most of my opportunities?

And then I realized, what am I doing to myself? Why must we always second guess ourselves? Why when the pressure is finally off do we feel the need to worry about something else? Can’t we just enjoy the moment?

But time helps us to digest and put things into perspective. I woke up this morning feeling confident that I was making a great decision. And then excitement for what is to come settled in.

So how do you avoid that feeling of insecurity and the temptation to create more stress when something great has landed in your lap?



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