Wanderlust Wednesday: Quebec City

We are finalizing plans for a weekend away to Quebec City and it has me feeling nostalgic. I previously wrote about my love for this beautiful Canadian city. I have been to Quebec at least 50 times – and that is no exaggeration.

In New England, specifically Massachusetts, people either vacation yearly on Cape Cod (The Cape) or to Maine. My family went to Quebec and sometimes we’d go seven or eight times a year. After all, it’s just a six hour drive north. And when the US dollar was strong it made the trip so affordable!

Le Parliamentaire, Quebec’s Parliament Building

But between college, grad school, getting married and work, I haven’t been back since 2010. That sounds like an eternity to me now that I’m thinking about it. So  we decided to remedy the situation and in August my husband, mom, sister, her boyfriend and I will be driving up to Canada for a weekend jaunt.

I am so excited! I can’t wait to shop at Simon’s (it’s pronounced See-moan’s) and dine at Bistro Sous le Fort. And I am dying for a Beaver Tail slathered in maple butter and before you get disgusted with me – it’s basically a fried dough only so much better.

My Favorite Place to Shop

But if anyone has been there recently, I’d love to hear what is new?


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