Independence Day

I took last week off from Fashionably Kate because I was getting ready for our July 4th Extravaganza. We live in a town that goes big on Independence Day and for our fourth annual party, we wanted to make it one for the history books.

july 4 sparkler

I like to think we did. We had dozens of friends and family from all different parts of our life, joining together, eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s company as well as the longest July 4th parade in Massachusetts and a spectacular fireworks display.

I have to say, when we were planning this year’s bash I was having a hard time with the idea of celebrating the U.S.A. while a tyrant plays White House in Washington D.C. But then I watched one of my favorite movies, 1776. It made me remember just what it is that we’re celebrating. We’re honoring men and women, most of them poor and without education, rising up against another tyrant and asserting their rights as human beings. We aren’t celebrating billionaires who spend their days tweeting and golfing.

So that’s who we celebrated yesterday. The soldiers who fought for our freedom in the 1770s, as well as all the soldiers who have fought for our country since.

Now that I’ve done my preaching, here are just a few memories from the day.


Hope you all had a Happy Fourth!


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