Travel Tuesday: Can Travel Make You More Creative?

I am stealing part of the title of this column from a recent article I read in Vogue: Can Travel Make You More Creative? I’ve always thought that travel makes a person more accepting and curious because they are exposed to new experiences, cultures and religions. But now they’ve found that people who travel frequently are often the best at coming up with creative solutions to many types of problems.

I know that when I’m traveling I can become particularly resourceful. After all, I don’t have the internet at my beck and call 24/7. And that means I have to rely on my intuition, sense of direction and common sense to get from place to place safely while making the most of my time and money.

However the Vogue article says that this skill found in frequent flyers translates back into the real world, giving us all just one more reason to rack up those airline points.

Have I become more creative because of my travels? I’m not sure. But I volunteer to keep on traveling to test that theory out.


p.s. Do you think your travels have made you more creative? Please share your thoughts in the comments. And make sure to check out Can Travel Make You More Creative? over on

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