Monday Motivation

Friday was my birthday and instead of instagramming every experience and present I received, I kind of went on a social media hiatus. I did send out a few Snapchats but the majority of my weekend I spent in what I’m calling “the present.”

Sometimes I get so caught up in getting the perfect photo, cropping it just right, choosing the best filter if needed and crafting a poignant or funny caption. This weekend I snapped photos with abandon, not worrying if it’ll make my feed, just wanting to capture the moment. And I feel like that attitude made me more appreciative of the one day that I celebrate me.

So now that I’m back to work and a little of the birthday magic is over (though if I’m being honest here I’m one of those people who really celebrates a birthmonth) I will take a look back on those memories and share some of them on my feed and on Fashionably Kate. But because I focused more on the present the past few days, I’ll not only have those photos but also those special moments that will last me a lifetime.


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