Monday Motivation: Parlez-vous Français?

My head is still reeling from our whirlwind weekend in Quebec City (pictures and details to follow this week) so this Monday’s Motivation is a bit late.

As I made my way across Boston this afternoon to do an errand for work, what I found most jarring about being back in the States is that I am no longer hearing the beautiful French language. It was strange to order my lunch without finishing my request with a s’il vous plait or merci. Now I am no native speaker, but I know enough to get around (especially when there is good wine or dessert involved!). And let’s face it, everything sounds better in French. Just look up merde or je m’en fous. You will see what I mean.

So I guess this week’s motivation is more of an opinion than something to aspire to. Or you can take it as a challenge to go out there and learn more of what I think is the most beautiful language on earth.

Now excusez-moi while I go practice my conjugations and manger un croissant.

Au revoir!


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