Sunday Funday: Off to the Races

A few weekends ago we spent a weekend with my in-laws in upstate New York at the Saratoga Springs Racetrack and Lake George. Now, full disclosure, I am against horse racing. But this was a family trip and it was an interesting experience.


We stayed about 25 minutes from the track in the village of Lake George which is named for the large lake it borders. It was a lovely little town with some amazing breakfast places. The first morning we checked out Flapjack Pete’s, home to the colossal breakfast. My husband decided to give it a try and it lived up to its name. The next morning I had an excellent southwest breakfast sandwich at the unassuming little Lake Crest Inn Cafe.

Shopping along the main street of the village was plentiful and varied from fine foods to kitschy tee shirts. I ended up with a pair of white moccasins with beaded feathers from the Tom Tom shop.


While we were at the racetrack, I did drink from the famous spring for which the track is named. It’s supposed to be very good for you but the taste is intense. It is, however, another experience that I can add to my list.


And of course, I loved all of the hats and fashion at the track. I wore a fabulous pink topper on Sunday, but on Saturday I wore my new favorite hat. I bought it over ten years ago in Filene’s Basement. It’s a Giorgio Armani that I got for $50 and this was my first chance to wear it. I felt like I was embracing my inner Kate Middleton!


It was a beautiful summer weekend filled with a lot fun and quality time with my husband and in-laws. Another successful trip to put in the books!


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