Québec City: Bon Appétit!

Québec City is not just a beautiful tourist destination, it is also an amazing place for foodies to visit. But you must venture off the beaten path to find some of its most incredible bistros. Here are my favorite places to eat in Québec City …

Delicious All Around

Sous le Fort

This is not only my favorite restaurant in Québec, it’s one of my favorite places in the world. We started going to Sous le Fort when I was a little kid because it had meals that were appropriate for children. Their menu has since matured, as have I, but the atmosphere is still the same.

Joanna and Katherine co-own this adorably small bistro with an extensive and delicious repetoire. During our visit this trip, as we were enjoying our meal, Katherine came over to reminisce with my mother about how my sister and I basically grew up there. And we have. Every time I sit down to their incredible French onion soup or a glass of rosé, I feel like I am home. A trip to Québec city is not complete without a visit to Sous le Fort.


Le Petit Château

Perhaps better known as the Crêperie, you cannot go to Québec without checking out Le Petit Château. As you can imagine from it’s other name, the restaurant specializes in crêpes with any topping you can imagine. However you can also get a killer fondue. You’re in Nouvelle France, why not embrace the French cuisine?

A Unique Experience

Le Parlementaire Restaurant

Québec’s Parliament building has a not-so-well-kept secret. You can actually enjoy a meal in it’s magnificent beaux arts dining room. From 1917 to 1968, Le Parlementaire was a gathering place reserved for those in government. But for almost 50 years now, its doors have been open to the public. The restaurant has also played host to numerous state dinners and formal receptions. They only serve lunch during the summer, Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This limited schedule might be off-putting but it is worth the extra effort, believe me.



Aux Anciens Canadiens

This restaurant has been a mainstay in Old Québec for years and there is a reason why. Aux Anciens Canadiens  serves traditional Québecois cuisine like meat pie. I am a pescatarian, but their are other offerings at this charming little place and the authenticity of the atmosphere transports you back to the time of Champlain.


A Quick Bite at a Charming Café

La Maison Smith

It has been seven years since I’ve been to Québec and thought not much has changed, I was shocked to see a chain café other than Starbucks in the old city limits. At first I didn’t know how I felt about such a development, especially when one of the locations replaced my favorite little grocery store. But this instagrammable hot spot won me over with their delicious maple lattés. I drank those like water over the weekend and I am already trying to find a U.S. equivalent.

Madame Gigi’s

When you walk in the door of this tiny chocolaterie on the Petit-Champlain the smell of sugar invades your senses. They do have a few tables inside and on the sidewalk but this place is so popular we usually can never get a spot so we take our treats to go. You can’t go wrong here, but I would suggest something with maple in it since you are in maple country!

Fresh Produce and Delicious Treats

Marché du Vieux-Port de Québec

This was a new find that my Mom introduced to us on this trip. At this farmer’s market in lower Québec you’ll find locally made wine, maple syrup and butter (if you haven’t had maple butter, you haven’t lived), honey, rows upon rows of spices and the most beautiful berries and vegetables you have ever seen. You can also snack on fine chocolates and delicious pastries as you browse. This was one of my favorite times during our weekend getaway.

If you’ve been to Québec and you have some favorite restaurants, please share them! I am already planning a return trip and I am always looking for new places to try.



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