Québec City: Art is Everywhere

Everywhere you look in Québec City there is art. Near the Château Frontenac is Painters’ Alley where artists line up their work and offer to paint your portrait for a steal.

But art is also on the walls, on the street corners, it’s everywhere. A replica of one of Dali’s unique sculptures stands tall on the boardwalk, a dramatic figure in the twilight sky.

Above is one of my favorite new installations. These woven boats can be found along the St. Lawrence River. At high tide, they sit in the water but when the tide goes out, they hang high above the water’s surface. You can obviously make out the clear thick thread that holds the boats up. But if you just let yourself enjoy it, the scene almost looks magical.

I just love old advertisements painted onto brick walls. I also love gargoyles and sand sculptures. This sculpture was made for the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France (check out my post on the festival here) to honor Louis Hébert, one of the early Québecois settlers.

And like every city, you’ll find street art hidden away in various corners. But in Québec, even the grafitti is pretty.

I’ll share more of my favorite sites and shopping in Québec this week but for now, happy Sunday!


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