Québec City: A Shopper’s Dream

I am a born shopper. That may be one of the many reasons that I love Québec so much. They have some amazing shopping and with the exchange rate almost always in my favor, I find some great deals. Here are some of my favorite places to browse …

In Lower Québec some of the best shopping can be found in the Quartier Petit Champlain. You can find homemade housewares, chocolates at Madame Gigi’s, maple syrup, clothing, leather goods and plenty of souvenirs. It’s an eclectic area and everyone in the family will be sure to find something to their tastes. And if you get tired of shopping, you can stop at one of the many cafés for a coffee or a glass of wine.


This is my favorite store in all of Québec. Simon’s  is the premiere store in the city for stylish clothing for men, women and children. They also have a newly expanded housewares section. I have been buying unique pieces to add to my wardrobe here since I was a young teen. They’ve started to include designers like Michael Kors into their collection but stay away! Because the items are imported they are more expensive here then you would find in the U.S. Stick to Simon’s own labels like Twik. They are reasonable and you won’t find anything like them in the States. I seriously could spend hours in this store so plan plenty of time for your shopping trip!

The two other major shopping streets are Rue St. Jean (on the left) and Rue St. Louis (on the right). Both have great little boutiques that boast handmade pottery and sweaters, native Inuit items, fine handbags and jewelry as well as plenty of souvenir shops that will help you to complete that shopping list for the folks back home.

A last bit of advice when it comes to shopping in Quebec: make sure you pick up anything and everything maple, quality winter clothing, a piece of art from Painter’s Alley, and a bottle of wine or a good local beer.


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