Monday Motivation

How many of us dream that one day we will have the perfect life?

We settle for what is “good enough” now in the hopes that one day we’ll have the perfect house, the perfect wardrobe, the perfect job, the perfect figure, the perfect everything.

I am very guilty of this crime against myself. In the past I have accepted second best because I thought that I couldn’t have the prime pickings just yet.

Now, I’m not saying we should all be buying a Chanel wardrobe on a Forever 21 budget. What I am saying is we need to find the joy in every facet of life. We need to take pride in the work we do, love our bodies, curate a style that is uniquely us, stand up for our rights and create that perfect little home even if the only space we have to do it in is our closet-sized apartments.

We shouldn’t settle for good enough … we should figure out a way to find the good.

After all, we deserve to be in love with our life. Every minute of it.


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