Friday Finds

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared my Friday Finds and it’s because of a few different reasons but mostly time is the culprit. It’s been a busy few weeks which makes it hard to find new things that I am passionate about. But that drought is over and this week’s edition focuses on things that get me through my day …

red chili latte

By the way, Happy National Coffee Day! I will not be joining the millions in the celebration since I have been coffee-free for over a month now after an unfortunate incident left me sick as a dog. But I had yet to find myself a drink that provided the caffeine I sometimes need to get through my work day. That was until I stumbled upon the prettiest little coffee shop. Sip Café is inside of what was probably a former green house in Post Office Square in the middle of Boston. I often like to try the most unusual item at these independent cafés and the delicious iced red chili tea latte fit that bill. It also gave me enough energy to get through my day … and then some!

P.S. Don’t you just love my evil eye nail art?!


I have been looking for ways to improve my outreach for Fashionably Kate so I can bring you all exciting and unique content. But let’s face it, if there was a guide that provided all the information that you need to gain thousands of Instagram and blog followers as well as brand partnerships that send your yearly income into the seven digits, we’d all be rich and instafamous. While I’ve only listened to a few episodes, Julie Solomon of The Influencer Podcast has made me confident that the advice from the experts she interviews on subjects like growing an email list and staying real on social media will improve not only my influence, but also the content of Fashionably Kate.


A lot of people bill this memoir as a love story, and I do too. But Just Kids isn’t really a love story between two people, it goes beyond that to encompass all of New York City during the late 1960s, early 1970s. Despite admiring the great Patti Smith for her music and her all around bad-ass attitude, I really didn’t know much about her or Robert Mapplethorpe, the famous artist and her former lover. But I feel that through Smith’s authentic voice, I now know her as well as I know my best friend. There is a lot of name dropping to be had, but how can you not when you called The Chelsea Hotel home during its heyday? It was a great read for my train rides back and forth to work, helping to entertain me while I tried to keep my mouth shut in the quiet car!

What gets you through your day? Share with me in the comments!


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