Monday Motivation

Because of the Columbus Day holiday, I am off from work today and doing something somewhat unique that I’ll be sharing with you next Sunday. For a hint, check out my Snapchat, fashionabiykate (yes, with an “i” instead of an “L”). But it is still the beginning of the week and therefore I thought it important to share my Monday Motivation.

This week’s words of wisdom are brought to you by the great J.K. Rowling.

How many times have you wanted to make your voice heard or grab an opportunity and then backed off because you felt like you weren’t being polite? For me, I have been guilty of this way to many times in my life.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve allowed the fear of being too “pushy” to hold me back from going after my dreams.

But this week, I am making it my goal to put aside those fears in my personal and professional life and go for what I want without worrying whether or not I’m being too pushy.

Have you let the fear of being too pushy hold you back? Please share with me in the comments. I’d especially like to hear how you pushed back and made your move.



2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

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  1. Ive let the fear of not being good enough let me not do a lot of things in life. Speaking up aside i haven’t even whispered things to myself less they seep out of me and be heard and bring me shame. Such a good post thanks 🙂

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