It’s all in the details …

During our yearly visit to Russell Orchards, we picked up a couple of pounds of their gorgeous apples to bake into my Great Grandmother Mercier’s famous apple pie. While I will not share the recipe as it is a closely guarded family secret, I will share a tip for how to make your pie not only delicious, but also picture perfect.

After I spread the dough over the top of the pie, sealed the edges and cut off the excess dough, I rolled out the scraps to cut the maple leaf designs and then placed them where the dough might have cracked or puckered.

To do this, I used the leaf shaped Williams Sonoma Pie cutter. You can check out their collection of pie cutters here or you can just use a small cookie cutter to achieve the same effect.


Once I had used all the dough, I brushed the top with milk and then dusted it with sugar. I cut small slits into the crust to let it vent, then I popped it into the oven.

As you can see, this pie is one that you can bring to any party and really stand out.

What are some of our tips for making your recipes stand out?


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