Witchy Wednesday: Salem’s Howl-O-Ween Parade

For this week’s Witchy Wednesday I went to the Witch City itself, Salem, on Sunday to attend the third annual Howl-O-Ween Parade. It’s part of the city’s Haunted Happenings festivities.  This was my first time at the parade and I have to admit, I thought there would be a few cute costumes to capture. But I walked away with over 150 pictures! I struggled to narrow it down to the shots you see below. Enjoy!

Dog House Martini Bar

*Winner, Best in Show

The UPS Guys

*Runner Up, Best in Show (Sparky, in the carriage that’s been transformed into a UPS truck)


The World War I Aviators, The Sailor and The Police Officer

*Winner, Best Group, The World I Aviators


Vivian the Mime & Family

*Runner Up, Best Group


The Barnyard Cats

*Winner, Best “Non-Dog” Entry


The Wizard of Oz


The Witches


The Superheroes


Bees, Butterflies and Lady Bugs


The Pirates and a Parrot


A Unicorn, A Fairy Godmother, Tinkerbell & Peter Pan and the Mad Hatter


Thing 1, Thing 2, The Cat in the Hat and Family


The Monsters, The Little Devils, Dracula, The Dog from IT and The Ghostbusters


Biker Dogs and Cats


Puppicino, A Hot Dog, A Taco, A Tootsie Roll and a Furry Lobster


The Four Caballeros


So what are you dressing your pet as for Halloween? Please share any photos you have in the comments!






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